Subject ANN: Database Workbench 2.0 released!
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the launch of the successor
of the popular InterBase & Firebird Workbench tools -
Database Workbench version 2 has been released today!

Database Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts,
extract metadata, run ad-hoc SQL statements, print metadata, includes
a stored procedure debugger and much much more...

Database Workbench works well on low-bandwith connections because
of extensive caching in the object editors and by using IBObjects -
the best InterBase/Firebird connectivity suite for Delphi and
CPP Builder.

Database Workbench supports InterBase and Firebird - download a
trial copy at - go there now!

New features:

- Per "registered database" settings (eg: UpperCase identifiers)
- Drag and drop of objects, object names, columns lists into every
- Docking of tools, navigators, debug windows etc...
- Improved dependency browsing

InterBase 7
- Connection, Statement and Transaction monitoring
- Memory monitoring
- Performance monitoring

Metadata Printing
- Print with or without descriptions, dependencies etc
- Accessible from the Database Navigator and each object editor - print
lists or single objects
- Accessible from the special "object selection" screen

Enterprise Manager
- Completely re-written Enterprise Manager
- Server Oriented with powerful context sensitive menus

SQL Editor
- True Visual Query Plan Analyzer
- Ability to save/open all SQL Pages

Stored Procedure Editor
- Rough source Syntax Check with detailed explanation of errors
- Per statement Plan Analysis to analyze procedure code

Table Editor
- Added ability to create PK constraints for non-new tables without a PK

View Editor
- Added ability to alter views regardless of dependencies (not
InterBase/Firebird native!)

Stored Procedure Debugger
- Debug Stored Procedures, even without saving them to the database
- Debug Watches
- Evaluate/Modify Dialog
- Conditional Breakpoints
- Exception Handling

Database Navigator
- Added Description to Database node

Test Data Generator
- Added "Increasing Values" to date/time/datetime columns
- Added "Mask Fill" to (Var)Char columns - allows complex custom filling

- Statement Recorder improvements
- Automatic statement recorder, see Database Registration options

Import/Export Data
- Added export format "Database Workbench Export (DWX)" - multi-table export
- Import data in CSV and DWX files

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
Bugfix: Fixed an error with domains and an array datatype
Bugfix: Fixed an error with multi-byte charactersets and (VAR)CHAR
Bugfix: Fixed some small errors regarding domain assignments to existing
Bugfix: Fixed several bugs in the BLOB Editor, "column db_key not found"
being one of them
Bugfix: Fixed several small bugs
Bugfix: Fixed an error with searching the Database Navigator
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the "--" comment in source code
Enhancement: Misc improvements to the View Editor
Enhancement: Many GUI improvements
Enhancement: Small visual improvements

With regards,

Martijn Tonies

Upscene Productions