Subject ANN: IB LogManager v2.1.5.12 has been released!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
A new version (v2.1.5.12) of IB LogManager has been released.

October 7, 2003 - v2.1.5.12:
1) Facility to create a log database for the connected database has been added.
Check out "File/Create Log Database...".
2) Some performance improvements, noticeable when working over a slow network
3) Some minor tweaks.
4) Online-Help updated.

1) Bug fixed: The "Save As" dialog for "Export Logging Definition" doesn't
fail now anymore when using a "/" in the project/alias name.

The IB LogManager Product Family is a suite of tools which helps you to keep track of data changes in your InterBase® and Firebird
database. But, it's more than simply integrating a logging/auditing mechanism in your InterBase® and Firebird database, because the
available Addon's will help you to manage and to process log data in different ways.

Please visit for further details.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

The IB LogManager Product Family
Logging/Auditing Suite for InterBase/Firebird