Subject Almost 100 members in the Firebird Foundation - are you the one?
Author Martijn Tonies
The Firebird Foundation is happy to see that our membership count is
steadily increasing - we've almost got 100 members!

Firebird is becoming the great product we all want it to be - and your
membership helps, it helps a lot. By becoming a Firebird Foundation member,
you're helping Firebird developers to devote time to your favourite
product. And if that isn't enough already, there's an extra for those of
you who aren't a member yet...

Upscene Productions and Thomas Steinmaurer have announced to give away a
free bundle of "Database Workbench for Firebird" and "IBLogManager" to the
100th member, a value of 179 EUR.

So, if you aren't a member yet - but you want to be one, here's your chance
to win a free software bundle and help /* ing */ Firebird, all in one go.

To become the 100th subscribing member, use this online form (URL might

More information about the Firebird Foundation membership:

More about the Firebird Foundation in general:

Your subscription should be paid in order to get your final member number.
The number 100 will be reserved for allocation to the member who is
actually the 100th new subscribed member to pay up on time. Members whose
subscriptions are overdue are not eligible for the prize.

Thomas Steinmaurer & Martijn Tonies - founding members of the Firebird
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