Subject IB Utils - FREE IB/FB Relation Viewer - New version available 0.9 .2.1
Author Aleš Kahánek
today (23.8.2002) I uploaded new version of IB Utils to
I hope you enjoy new features:
- Painting links between tables completely rewritten. The FK links are now
selectable objects and even more - you can define custom nodes on every link
and the link then consists of several lines instead of one line only. All is
done via drag and drop, very user friendly. The nodes can be selected too
and dragged together with the selected tables to another location on the
model desktop.

- New shortcuts added. For example Add Table shortcut was Ctrl+T, now you
can use only T (the old Ctrl+T works as well), similarly other shortcuts
(Export - Ctrl+E -> E and so on). Save your fingers, type less! :o))

Fixed bugs
- Fixed some MDI bugs (some "pointer" variables pointed to wrong connection
object to another MDI window in some occasion, now it should be OK).

Ales Kahanek

DB Relation Viewer - utility for viewing your Firebird/InterBase tables
graphically (similar to the graphical SQL interface of Access and some CASE
tools). You can work on your metadata with another tool (e.g. IB_SQL),
commit your work and then go back to the viewer and refresh the image.
Read-only view, reports available.