Subject ANN: FBOwnerMigrator v0.9 - First Beta available!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

seems that I'm spamming this group, but this might be interesting for
Firebird users struggling with SYSDBA as database and database object
owner ;-).

I've a first Beta (tested against Firebird Build 808) of:

'FBOwnerMigrator - The Firebird Owner Migration Utility'

ready for download.

There is no official download available yet, so if you interested,
please let me know (ts @

From the 'Readme.txt'.

1) What is FBOwnerMigrator?

Most people are using the well known SYSDBA user (or more different users)
for creating the
database and all database objects. After a while people tend to agree, that
this wasn't such
a great idea, so they want an SYSDBA different owner for the database and
all database objects.
The owner of the database can be changed easily, by doing a restore with the
new owner, but
more steps are involved to make the migration to a new owner complete.

FBOwnerMigrator helps you to migrate a database and all database objects to
a choosen
new owner by doing some "magic stuff" on system tables. So there is no need
to generate a database
with the new user from scratch and pumping all data from the source to the
destination database.

FBOwnerMigrator will probably help you to save many hours of your time, if
you have
to migrate many databases at your customers sites.

PLEASE NOTICE: FBOwnerMigrator is Freeware and currently in BETA. Please use
this utility always
on a *COPY* of your production database and tell me how it works for you!
I'm NOT responsible for
any lost data or damaged databases. Use this utility at your own risk!

2) How does a migration work?

Let's make an example. You have a database with its database objects created
by SYSDBA and want
to migrate it to a new owner called MYADMIN. You need your favourite
Firebird backup/restore utility
('gbak' or nearly every third-party Firebird Administration Utility offers
such a backup/restore
facility too) and FBOwnerMigrator.

Make sure that there aren't any active connections and follow these steps

a) Make a backup of your database with SYSDBA and restore it with MYADMIN

b) Run FBOwnerMigrator against this database. Use SYSDBA as Source Database
Owner and MYADMIN as
Destination Database Owner. All database object owners are determined and
you will be asked
to connect to the database with all of them (so make sure, that you have
valid Firebird user
accounts!). FBOwnerMigrator is doing following tasks on your database
during the migration

- Step 1: The ownership of tables, views, stored procedures and roles
will be changed to MYADMIN

- Step 2: All rights (with grant/admin option) on all database objects
will be granted to MYADMIN

- Step 3: Migrate all user rights granted by SYSDBA to MYADMIN (the new

- Step 4: Delete all user rights granted by SYSDBA

- Step 5 (optional): Lock the user SYSDBA from the database out

c) Make a backup of your datbase with MYADMIN and restore it with MYADMIN

Try now to connect to your database with MYADMIN, see if you can do
different things like:

- Accessing data of different tables, views, ...
- Creating a table
- Dropping a table or fields from a table
- Granting rights to other users
- Revoking rights from other users
- ...

Simply use your database as before, but with MYADMIN now.

3) Additional note

FBOwnerMigrate is completely free of charge, but if you find this utility
useful and if it
saves you time, then I would appreciate any monetary donation you can give.
Contact me directly
at ts @ about this. Thanks!

Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager 2.0 - The Logging/Auditing Tool for InterBase and Firebird