Subject Re: [firebird-tools] ANN: New module on Firebird tree
Author Artur Anjos

(You have post the same reply to both lists. I will reply just here if it's
ok with you).

Nothing personnel, for sure, and nothing against your code.

Some back history: By the time that Firebird 1 was released, we have discuss
it in ib-support (I'm sure you remember that). I have replied to (maybe
Paul) that I was available to do it, and start working on it. So did you,
and some more people all over the world. So, at the end, we finished having
a lot of different CPA's. Great. And as you can see, it wasn't 'doing the
work twice': we all started at the same time. My CPA is largely used by the
Portuguese-spoken community. At the time, I didn't post it in ib-support
because there were already too much there. :-)

But this will be the first of a couple of add-on's in Firebird tree. I
choose my CPA because I need to start with something. My project to the
Firebird tree is not just this applet, but to create a central place where
people can commit their work on add-ons. I'm committed to the Firebird
Project to maintain this part of the tree.

And you're right: I think the best thing to do is to look at each other
code, and start working together on just one CPA. The objective is to have
one application, a small one. Two heads is better than one. :-)

Let's work on it !


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Subject: Re: [firebird-tools] ANN: New module on Firebird tree

> Hello,
> Artur Anjos wrote:
> > Just to let you know that is a new module on the firebird tree: addons.
> > first add-on it's a Firebird 1 Control Panel Applet [English, Portuguese
> > German versions already available], and I'm working on another three:
> > Control Panel Applet for Fb 1.5, a tool to work with aliases (just a
> > front-end for the text files), and a tool to work with firebird.conf (a
> > front-end also).
> Why doing the work twice? I've already published a Firebird Control
> Panel Applet, written in Delphi:
> This applet works with Fb 1.0 *and* 1.5, so you don't have to change the
> applet if switching between Fb versions.
> It is available in english only, but could easily be translated.
> I would be very glad if you take a look at my applet. Perhaps we could
> merge your version an my version. Feel free to contact me.
> Achim