Subject ANN: New module on Firebird tree
Author Artur Anjos
Hi All,

Just to let you know that is a new module on the firebird tree: addons. The
first add-on it's a Firebird 1 Control Panel Applet [English, Portuguese and
German versions already available], and I'm working on another three:
Control Panel Applet for Fb 1.5, a tool to work with aliases (just a nice
front-end for the text files), and a tool to work with firebird.conf (a
front-end also).

This are Win Tools, for now. I hope that someone could join us on the future
to create another specific OS tools.

We created a new module for 2 main reasons: a) This are 'add-on's for any
version of Firebird and b) this tools could be done in any other language
(Delphi, PHP, whatever...).