Subject Firebird 3.0 performance, Windows 10 vs Mint, big different
Hi guys,

I compared firebird 3 SS performance in windows 10 pro 64 vs Linux mint 19.1 cinnamon 64 bit.

Both OS use the same database configurations & almost the same speed ssd. Windows use a bit faster ssd.

On windows 10, I have turn off everything than can be turn off, such as bloat ware, unnecessary services, background applications, etc.

Database page buffer set to 131072, and page size set to 16384. Both OS have 16GB RAM. File cached threshold, set to 384000.

Run query a few times via flamerobin, the results were, Firebird run faster on Mint, at least 20% faster, that was a big different.

Don't know why on windows the performance was bad. Perhaps on windows 10, file cached didn't work, cause I saw the disk kept spinning while query ran.
This is strange, on Windows 7, with the same database configuration, firebird took about 5GB RAM, which means that file cached work fine.

Couldn't inspect actual RAM usage on windows 10 cause RAMMap doesn't work.