Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 3.0 performance, Windows 10 vs Mint, big different
Author Carlos H. Cantu
RAMMap 1.51 works fine with Windows 10.

Migration Guide to Firebird 3

tycfs> Hi guys,

tycfs> I compared firebird 3 SS performance in windows 10 pro 64 vs
tycfs> Linux mint 19.1 cinnamon 64 bit.

tycfs> Both OS use the same database configurations & almost the same
tycfs> speed ssd. Windows use a bit faster ssd.

tycfs> On windows 10, I have turn off everything than can be turn
tycfs> off, such as bloat ware, unnecessary services, background applications, etc.

tycfs> Database page buffer set to 131072, and page size set to
tycfs> 16384. Both OS have 16GB RAM. File cached threshold, set to 384000.

tycfs> Run query a few times via flamerobin, the results were,
tycfs> Firebird run faster on Mint, at least 20% faster, that was a big different.

tycfs> Don't know why on windows the performance was bad. Perhaps on
tycfs> windows 10, file cached didn't work, cause I saw the disk kept spinning while query ran.
tycfs> This is strange, on Windows 7, with the same database
tycfs> configuration, firebird took about 5GB RAM, which means that file cached work fine.

tycfs> Couldn't inspect actual RAM usage on windows 10 cause RAMMap doesn't work.

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