Subject CLI to firebird
Author trueriver
I am used to creating tables and users and even databases by typing SQL into a command line client.

Forgive me if I am missing some clue in the documention but there I have not found anything about how to do that for firebird 3.0

FlameRobin composes create table SQL for you and you fill in the gaps, but I want to just type it in at a prompt, as in Oracle, Mysql, Mariadb and loads of other DBMSs I have used over the years 

I can see that FlameRobin is a gentler learning curve for newcomers but when you know SQL (and can adapt to the inconsistent way it's implemented) it feels so clunky to keep having to swap from mouse to keyboard 

So my question is 

a: is there a CLI client I have overlooked in the docs? 

b: is there a third party CLI client for use from a bash terminal on Linux?