Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: tempdirectories
Author Helen Borrie

> is there a good and up to date official source of documentation on
> firebird.conf

The firebird.conf file itself, version current for the Fb version you
are using. You won't get more up to date than that anywhere.
For Fb3, which allows per-database config for a lot of
parameters, see the release notes. Some things are (or can be)
configured at the client side via a config file now, too.

> and other admin?

What's "other admin"? The command-line tools are all documented but
some could do with updating, admittedly. You can catch up with any
new switches in those apps by running them with the -? switch.

Vol. 3 of TFB2e covers them all in more detail, up to the earlier
releases of Fb 2.5, but it's not free.


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