Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Re: Trace not working
> Well, I started the trace and the system prompted the message about trace start its ID. But there was no output.
> Now I realized, that there is a difference between the alias and the absolute database path in config.

> I used the alias name in config and the absolute path in my application. When I switched the application to the alias

> name I was able to get the correct trace outputs. Is there a documentation about that? I couldn’t

find anything about it.

  Trace, of course, doesn't try to expand value set at the "database" section using

the aliases.conf\databases.conf. Documentation at the beginning of the default

fbtrace.conf say:

# Pattern is either database name without path or "SIMILAR TO"-based regular
# expression which is matched against fully qualified database path name.

Hope it is clear now :)