Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Re: Trace not working
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> Hmm... what do you mean ?
>> There should be almost instant message about trace started with trace ID,
>> but then messages will appear only when some events happens in database.
> Well, I started the trace and the system prompted the message about trace start
> its ID. But there was no output. Now I realized, that there is a difference
> between the alias and the absolute database path in config.
> I used the alias name in config and the absolute path in my application. When I
> switched the application to the alias name I was able to get the correct trace
> outputs. Is there a documentation about that? I couldn’t find anything about
> it.

'database' in your trace configuration is basically a regex, thus without any wildcards, this results in an exact match being necessary to be picked up then by the database filter in the trace component on the server side.

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