Subject Trace not working
Author Köditz, Martin



I’m trying to trace a firebird database. I have following trace config:


database = sd40.fdb


    enabled = true

    log_connections = true

    log_transactions = true

    log_statements = true

    log_statement_prepare = true

    time_threshold = 0

    max_sql_length = 65536



I start the trace:

fbtracemgr -se localhost/3050:service_mgr -user sysdba -password masterkey -start -name "My Trace" -config sd40.trace.conf


When I execute a query in Flamerobin I get this message (and no trace output):

Trace session ID 1 started

Error creating trace session for database "syndesk40.fdb":

error while parsing trace configuration

        line 6: element "log_statements" is unknown


Can someone show me the mistake?