Subject Firebird SQL 3.0 login from legacy tools?
Author Kjell Rilbe

New Windows 2016 server with Firebird 3 SuperServer x64 on port 3050.

I'm trying to connect to this server from two legacy tools: Sinática
Monitor and FlameRobin. I can successfully connect with Upscene Database
Workbench and Firebird Maestro, but the old tools fail, saying "Your
user name and password are not defined. Ask your database administrator
to setup a Firebird login."

I have set firebird.conf as follows, and thought that would be sufficient:

AuthServer = Legacy_Auth, Srp, Win_Sspi
AuthClient = Legacy_Auth, Srp

For each connection attempt, firebird.log shows a message like this:

INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054, client host = HOSTNAME, address =, user = LoggedInWindowsUser

What could be amiss? I've tried "reading around" but found nothing. :-)

Feel free to reply here, as an alternative (I think the forum should
move there, actually):


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