Subject FB3 Embedded on Android
Author Jorge Gonçalves
I'm trying to put the embedded version running on android,
but FB is allwys trying to connect to localhost.

The FB files are located on the app files folder

files/firebird/intl/fbintl. conf
files/firebird/intl/libfbintl. so 
/*The icu files are not in the distributed tar */

When I try to create a local database, trough IBPP, I'm getting the follow error:

Error message:
SQL Message : -902
can't format message 13:98 -- message file /data/data/com.fb.test/files/ firebird.msg not found 
/* FB is trying to pick the firebird.msg form files and not from files/firebird, where the is located ??!!?!?!?*/

Engine Code    : 335544721
Engine Message :
Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
Failed to establish a connection.

What is wrong about my embedded structure, and what are the rules to use the embedded connection ?