Subject Which Firebird ADO.Net client is compatible with Firebird server v2.0.x?
Author B?lint Nagy



I need to connect to a Firebird v2.0.3 database from .Net.

I downloaded  the current Firebird ADO.Net provider about two months ago, then the current one (, and implemented all the necessary queries for my app.

I the development environment it is quite stable, about 95% of the time queries succeed. In a test environment (with a bottom of the line PC with weak CPU and disk) queries fail about 60% of the time.

The failing queries are syntactically correct. If I run them from IBOConsole, they succeed. Also, the query failures are not consistent: the same query succeeds some times and fails some other times.


I suspect there is an incompatibility between the server and the ADO.Net provider.


Can someone advise on the client version (?) to use?

Any other ideas I could try?