Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection rejected by remote interface
Author Aldo Caruso
   I have the same problem running Firebird super server on Linux ( Ubuntu 14.04 ). Sadly, the only solution I found was to restart Firebird service.

    I wrote a bash script that attempts to connect to the database.  If it could not establish a connection, it restarts Firebird service. This script is run periodically by cron service.

Aldo Caruso

El 14/07/17 a las 10:07, 'Dieter Blume' DB@... [firebird-support] escribió:

Dear Friends,

i am a software-developer, using Delphi 2006 and Firebird 2.5.

Yesterday, I tried to migrate from Firebird 2.5 to Firebird 3.0.

Everything works fine, but only on my server. When I tried to
connect to Firebird 3.0 using a remote PC, the following error

"Connection rejected by remote interface"

I used exactly the same components on server and client.
- IBConsole
- gds32.dll (copy of fbclient.dll from 32-bit-setup)
- my own application using connect-string "server:c:\database\test.gdb"

I deactivated the Windows-Firewall on the server with no success.

Any suggestions? I would be happy about your help.
Please excuse my worse english.

Best Regards

Dieter Blume
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