Subject remote firebird server connection question


I've got a computer that is running Firebird and has a database on it.  I can talk to the DB using FlameRobin or any SQL tool, locally on that computer.  let's say the public IP of this computer is

The meat of my question: how do i configure this remote firebird server (or the computer) to allow a remote Firebird connection?


i'm trying to write an Andriod app to connect to a remote Firebird's nothing to do with the connection string because locally it connects just fine.  it's only when i try to connect to a remote FB computer/server i have issues

Anyway, back to FlameRobin...

i can run flamerobin locally on the computer that is with no problems.

on another computer, on a different ISP, I've registered the server that is the "remote" computer with Firebird on it... ie. i've registered and port 3050  (ie. the computer with Firebird and the DB on it -- again successfully running FB)

on that computer ( i've got port 3050 open in the firewall software (avg)  AND  in the router on the computer that is also the modem.  so, as far as i can tell, port 3050 is open without issue.

when i try to use FlameRobin to "get server details" (or connect to a DB) it returns: "engine code: 335544721; Unable to complete network request to host, failed to establish a connection"

ie. the computer i'm trying to remote to the FB server from can't connect. 

(this is the same error message i'm getting in my android app too).

thus the question: there must be something i've not got setup properly on the remote FB server to allow a remote connection...either in Firebird or in the firewall.

I've disabled the Firewall and the same error.  i've googled and found nothing but have tried changing various items in the firebird.config file  and  i've uninstalled and reinstalled firebird many time including deleting FBClient.dll and GDS32.dll from the SYSWow64 Windows folder.

please help (as this group always does!!)  

thanks in advance