Subject Immediate Detection of Disconnected Clients on Classic


We have some desktop applications which are connecting to firebird, started crashing for a while. 

These applications are mostly on our wireless link connected building so I'm suspicious about the network.

Then I created a new test project. When I run the application, connect to the database, disconnect the client network just for a second and reconnect the network again,  the database connection is broken and the application can't continue.

Then I saw a new feature on firebird 2.5 like this:

Immediate Detection of Disconnected Clients on Classic Vladyslav Khorsun

The Classic server now detects immediately when a Classic process has been broken by a client disconnection. Its response is to terminate any pending activity, roll back the active transaction and close the network connection. Tracker reference CORE-818.

Can this be the reason that a short interruption on the network causing the problems on the application?

Can this feaure be disabled so that I can see if this is the problem or not?

Thank you