Subject Strange behaviour on Update Operation
Hi all,

I have a strange result when running update operation.

I am using TIBSQL from Borland CBuilder 6, Firebird Super Clasic 2.5.2 (64bit) on Windows 7 64 bit.

Here are the script from TIBSQL :
Update table1 set field1 = 'abc', field2 = 'abc', field3 = field3 + 1 where id = 1 returning new.field1;

Field1 & Field2 = Varchar(12)

Field3 = smallint default 0

After that script executed, my app checked whether field1 is null or not. If it was null, an error message raised to users.

Sometimes (not always) field2 & field3 have a value while field1 is null, but no error message raised.

This is strange because this is the only procedure on my app that could update these fields (field1,field2, & field3).

Initial condition for these fields should be null (field1 & field2) and 0 for field3, and when update occur, field1 & field2 must have a value while field3 has a value 1 or 2 or 3, so on.

Has anyone experiences some problem?

Thanks in advance.