Subject Encryption on FB3
Hi Guys

We are considering encrypting the DB, we are on FB 3 on top of Windows 2012
R2 64 bits, the options we have are:

1) Do what we did with FB2, that is encrypt the DB folder with the same user
account as the firebird service was running on, and nevel login with that
user. That is an OS file encryption, and it worked very well for us.

2) Use the new FB 3 encrytion, we do not have any idea how to, is there any
document we can read to start testing?

3) Use TrueCrypt on the hole drive , or something similar, placing the
encryption at the OS level.

What would be better? Anybody already tried and would like to share ?

Alternativelly we can wait for FB4, where I believe encryption will be
"easier" to configure, am I right?