Subject Re: [firebird-support] Encryption on FB3
Author Carlos H. Cantu
ficafs> 2) Use the new FB 3 encrytion, we do not have any idea how to, is there any
ficafs> document we can read to start testing?

There is an example of a crypt plugin in every FB 3 installation. You
can use it as a base to create your own encryption plugin. Or you can
buy IBSurgeon's encryption plugin, ready to be used.

ficafs> What would be better? Anybody already tried and would like to share ?

The best solution for one may not be the best for other. If your
currently scheme is working well for you, why do you want to change?

The plugin is only part of the solution. The most complex thing is how
to deal/store the encryption key. You can have the best encryption
algorithm, but if a hacker get access to your plugin and to your crypt
key, it will be useless.

ficafs> Alternativelly we can wait for FB4, where I believe encryption will be
ficafs> "easier" to configure, am I right?

Why do you think so? :)

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