Subject gfix -shut ? server-klient

I work on software that uses the engine Firebird 2.1.5. The software runs on the network as a server-client. In both cases, the firebird software logs on to the database as a user SYSDBA. When repairing a damaged database, one of the steps is "block access to the database"

I use: gfix damaged.fdb -shut -force 240 -user SYSDBA -password masterkey

Before making repair the database checked the database are logged 2 users SYSDBA (server and client). In this case, the command gfix not block access to the database - not disconnect the user SYSDBA client.

isql c: \ Progra ~ 1 \ Novitus \ Soga \ Database \ gastro.fdb -user SYSDBA -password masterkey
show users;
// Shows 2 registered users SYSDBA

What command to use before taking any remedial action on the database Firebird to disconnect a user SYSDBA (client)?

Maciej Lik