Subject Enable authorization for legacy Firebird clients



I don’t know if i have understand “Enable authorization for legacy Firebird clients” right but..


I just installed Firebird 3 to new development server and checked “Enable authorization for legacy Firebird clients” so I can test connection from old 2.5 clients. In this installation window I create random password like “pass1234”. When I connected to database from same server connection is okay with “pass1234”. But when I tried to connect from old development server where firebird 2.5 is installed with “pass1234” I get error “Your user name and password…”.  My surprise was when I tried connect database from old server with pasword “masterkey” that connection is succesfully.


I have not created user SYSDBA with “masterke” password and still I get connected in database.  So my question is that should this be like this?


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-          Tomi