Subject Re: Clarification about 64bit and 32bit Firebird 3.0 software
Author Dmitry Yemanov
07.07.2016 10:54, jonatan.lauritsen@... wrote:

> Are the following statements correct?
> - Most Firebird client software still is 32bit (Flamerobin, IBExpert,
> Delphi 2009 and older editions) and therefore it requires 32bit Firebird
> 3.0 client dlls (fbclient.dll or gds32.dll) even if it connects to the
> 64bit edition of server.
> - 64bit Firebird server can receive connections both from 32bit and
> 64bit clients.
> - Both 32bit and 64bit Firebird server uses the same ODS (physical) file
> structure therefore DB.FDB created with 32bit server can be simply
> copied and used on 64bit server and vice versa.

Correct (given that "simply copied" implies stopping the FB server).