Subject Gbak restore hangs on "activating and creating deferred indexes"
Author Rune Bjønness



We're trying to do a restore of a 40 GB database (FB 2.5.4 / Win 2008 Server) because it has reached its transaction limit.

During our first restore attempt it seemed to freeze after having restored all records and started activating and creating deferred indexes.

That is, the size of the restored file was not changing for several hours and the last entry in the log file from gbak ended in the middle of a sentence.


We lost hope and cancelled the process, which resulted in several more log entries of "activating and creating deferred indexes" being written, but we got no error messages.

The server had 20 GB of available disk space left when the restore was hanging.


Do you have any suggestions to what the cause of this could be, or how we can identify the cause?



--Rune Bjønness