Subject Re: Not a valid database
Author Dmitry Yemanov
21.06.2016 03:52, Seyeong Jeong wrote:
> I have a firebird database with ODS version 10.1. While I can open this
> with server version WI-V2.1.7.18553 Firebird 2.1 on Windows without any
> errors, the same operation fails on Ubuntu.

I suspect your Windows version (or Firebird version running there) is
32-bit, correct?

> These are the versions on Firebird I tried on Ubuntu:
> - Firebird/linux AMD64 (access method), version "LI-V2.5.1.26351
> Firebird 2.5"
> - Firebird/linux AMD64 (access method), version "LI-V2.1.7.18553
> Firebird 2.1"
> - Firebird/linux AMD64 (access method), version "LI-V2.1.4.18393
> Firebird 2.1"
> - Firebird TCP/IP server version LI-V1.5.4.4910 Firebird 1.5
> All versions of Firebird fails to open the database with isql-fb with
> the following message:
> SQL> connect "/home/user/a.fdb" user '*******' password '**********';
> Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY000
> file /home/user/a.fdb is not a valid database

This error is raised when the database is not understandable to the engine.

Prior to ODS 11, databases were not binary compatible between 32-bit and
64-bit architectures. You cannot just copy a ODS 10.1 database to a host
with different bitness and use it there. Backup/restore is required instead.