Subject Simply bad, new is not always better. FB3 and ODBC
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Hello @ll.


We had FB 2.5 CS before our migration to fb 3 SS. After this, the Frontend (MS-ACCESS) calls a stored procedure and sometimes the odbc-driver does not wait until the procedure finished and writes the new records. In this case the user must close the access-formular to get the new data, if he pushed the button again, there are two new records present. Some other complications I have posted, two in the tracker. Not fine, we have now some problems we never had and the customer does not pad for the solutions.


Now I have de-installed the firebird odbc 2.0.4 Driver and install the, the problem with the refresh after calling adodb-stored-procedure we get a little less, but if I connect to the odbc-tables again (tables are linked) I get:


Odbc firebird driver firebird attempt to reclose a closed cursor #-501


Without any changes we have now some problems and I’m frustrated!


There are no one in this community who uses odbc and firebird 3.0? All the good features from the firebird 2.1 (we updated to 2.5 with similar problems), where are they? We don’t can close our eyes and leave the new versions, but we would like to work, just work!


Also the post_event behaves different than the old firebird, the never changed mfc (c++) application gets it sometimes, in many cases not. Only the version of firebird is changed. I’m stupid or what can I do to solve?


Many thanks.


Best regards