Subject Re: [firebird-support] Simply bad, new is not always better. FB3 and ODBC
Author Helen Borrie
Hello 'Checkmail',

Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 2:03:37 AM, you wrote:

> We had FB 2.5 CS before our migration to fb 3 SS. After this, the
> Frontend (MS-ACCESS) calls a stored procedure and sometimes the
> odbc-driver does not wait until the procedure finished and writes
> the new records.

Impossible. The driver does not "write records". It simply processes
a DML request and passes that through the API to the server. And no
Firebird server can make the results of an operation in a stored
procedure available to other transactions until the transaction in
which the SP is running commits. So whatever is happening here, it is
not what you think it is.

> In this case the user must close the
> access-formular to get the new data, if he pushed the button again,
> there are two new records present. Some other complications I have
> posted, two in the tracker. you are telling us that you upgraded a production system
from Fb 2.5 to Fb 3 without reading the release notes or testing

> Not fine, we have now some problems we
> never had and the customer does not pad for the solutions.

Developer screws up and customer won't pay to fix it. How sad...

> Now I have de-installed the firebird odbc 2.0.4 Driver and install
> the, the problem with the refresh after calling
> adodb-stored-procedure we get a little less, but if I connect to the
> odbc-tables again (tables are linked) I get:

> Odbc firebird driver firebird attempt to reclose a closed cursor #-501
> Without any changes we have now some problems and I’m frustrated!

First, this is not the right list for your ODBC problems. Subscribe
to the firebird-odbc-devel list and try to post a *rational* problem
description there.

You switched a production system to a new major version of the
database server without comprehending what you were doing and without
testing whether it was going to work. "Without any changes" is not
the operative expression here.

> There are no one in this community who uses odbc and firebird 3.0?

Ask that question in firebird-odbc-devel. That is where you will find
those people who have been testing the driver against Fb 3.0.

> All the good features from the firebird 2.1 (we updated to 2.5 with
> similar problems),

-- using the same upgrade strategy?

> where are they? We don’t can close our eyes and
> leave the new versions, but we would like to work, just work!

So - you want to take advantage of new features and new architecture
but you don't want to make any effort to understand, test and control
the changes? Sounds heavenly to me. ;-)

> Also the post_event behaves different than the old firebird, the
> never changed mfc (c++) application gets it sometimes, in many cases
> not. Only the version of firebird is changed.

Post_event was not changed in Firebird 3. Are you sure that your
customer's applications are loading the correct version of
fbclient.dll? This question is applicable to your other problems,

> I’m stupid or what can I do to solve?

Change control - FAIL. "Eine rechtzeitige Stich spart neun Stiche."

To appease your unhappy customer, restore the production system to
what was working before. [This won't "just work", either, if your
customer has already been posting production data into an ODS 12

Read the documentation (Release notes and Quick Start Guide). Then
read them again as many times as it takes to understand the new
architecture and the other major changes.

Set up a test system for Firebird 3 and establish what the issues are
for your software **by testing everything**.

Don't throw a major upgrade at your customer until you have solved all
the issues.