Subject UDF install in FB3.0 RC2

I have a FB 2.5.5 database which I have migrated to FB3 RC2. I use the older FreeUDFLib.dll. All the procedures of this DLL are in the database reported by Database Workbench 5. The restore log for the migration shows no errors. This DLL is in the FB 3 UDF folder. When running a stored procedure that calls F_YEAR I get error message 

"invalid request BLR at offset 45. function F_YEAR is not defined. module name or entrypoint could not be found."

I try to make a simpler test case. I install FreeUDFLib into the Employee DB which comes with FB 3. It seems to install OK. F_YEAR and its companions now show in the UDF list for the Employee DB. Now run a stored procedure

"myString = cast(F_YEAR(current_timestamp) as varchar(12)));"

I get the same error.

It does not seem to be a permission problem with the UDF folder.

I am using Win 10 (64) and FB3 (32).

Any help will be appreciated.