Subject Data pages and data page slots
Author Walter R. Ojeda Valiente
Hello everybody

When I run GSTAT with the switch -data it shows me numbers after "data pages" and "data page slots".

Usually these numbers are the same, but ... what happen when they are different?

I understood that the difference between them means the count of pages without any relevant data. Pages allocated some time and not more useful for that table at this moment because they just have garbage.

However, if I want to delete those pages, it is not possible, neither with GFIX -sweep neither with a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MyTable

In both cases GSTAT -data continues showing the same numbers.

For example, I have a table whose "data pages" is 72 and their "data page slots" is 975, 

Is there something wrong there? Is possible (and useful) make these numbers equals? which is the meaning of those numbers?

Someone can explain me that or tell me where I can find information? Mr Google was not polite with me.

Of course, I know a cycle backup/restore put both numbers equals, but ... is that the only way? or I can make "data pages" equal to "data page slots" without a cycle backup/restore?