Subject just for info about FB3
Author liviuslivius
this is only for info if someone is worry about FB3 stability.
I run very big deletion statement in concurrent env - i clear 90% of old historical data from database
and FB run without any problem this big command :)
below are stats:
Executing statement...
Statement executed (elapsed time: 160:21:58 (hh:mm:ss)).
-283655306 fetches, 2006611145 marks, 76322405 reads, 11314521 writes.
0 inserts, 0 updates, 1314756539 deletes, 1314762003 index, 0 seq.
Delta memory: 56660744 bytes.
DT: 5458 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_GRACZ: 5432985 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_GRACZ_ALL: 4291410 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_GRACZ_ATT: 3287919 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_GRACZ_DEF: 4253461 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_PLEMIE: 365555 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_PLEMIE_ALL: 329196 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_PLEMIE_ATT: 266402 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_PLEMIE_DEF: 325575 deletes. 
PLEMIONA_WIOSKA: 1296198578 deletes. 
0 rows affected directly.
Total execution time: 160:21:58 (hh:mm:ss)
Commiting transaction...
Transaction committed (elapsed time: 0.000s).
Karol Bieniaszewski