Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 9396
Author Tiberiu Horvath
Support for Users of Firebird ReleasesHi all,

I have a FireBird 3.0 server on a Linux machine, at a customer who appends
arround 3000 records / day in some tables. I have a strange problem that
keeps me from performing normal backup / restore operations. In the database
there are some huge domain names in System Domains (I use IBExpert). For
example : "RDB$1297080260861" (but some other domain names are normal

These domains are used by my normal tables and

DROP DOMAIN RDB$1297080260861

gets me to an error, given the fact that the domain is used by one of my

Also, any temporary table that I create (in runtime) creates these long
domain names.

When I backup my database gbak generates normal fbk file - no error here
But when I restore this file, at the end, it generates an error - see
screenshot :

gbak: ERROR: arithetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
gbak: ERROR: numeric value is out of range

I am sure this is connected to the system domain name.

my questions :

1. How can I modify a System Domain name ?
2. For a given Field in a Table , how can I modify the Domain that it
uses - replace with another ?
3. Is there a way to modify the generator that generates these name ?
Probably it is a way to fix this also ...

I have a fbk file and I have the initial FDB file. If somebody could help me
with this I could send the file - I deleted all the data.

In my program I have a procedure that exports the containts of every table
in the database and them imports in a new , empty database - I did this a
few months ago. But in this case, after a few days, the problem repeated.

Thank you ,