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That type of error generally is caused by a utility or process that has changed the definition of the column.

You have data in your column in that table that no longer fits in the new definition.

When you manually change, or use a utility to smack the system tables, vs creating a whole new column and migrating the data over, you can cause these types of errors.

Now, you need to find the offending rows and update them to get the data to fit into the new column definition.

I have done this in the past by creating a new table and writing a stored procedure that inserts the data from the old table into the new, catching the errors and logging them so that I can find which rows need to be manipulated.

I also have as a standard part of the backup process, a full restore of the database as in the past, it was easy to create circular dependencies and broken structures that prevent the data from being restored using normal backup procedures.

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Support for Users of Firebird ReleasesHi all,

I have a FireBird 3.0 server on a Linux machine, at a customer who appends
arround 3000 records / day in some tables. I have a strange problem that
keeps me from performing normal backup / restore operations. In the database
there are some huge domain names in System Domains (I use IBExpert). For
example : "RDB$1297080260861" (but some other domain names are normal

These domains are used by my normal tables and

DROP DOMAIN RDB$1297080260861

gets me to an error, given the fact that the domain is used by one of my

Also, any temporary table that I create (in runtime) creates these long
domain names.

When I backup my database gbak generates normal fbk file - no error here
But when I restore this file, at the end, it generates an error - see
screenshot :

gbak: ERROR: arithetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
gbak: ERROR: numeric value is out of range

I am sure this is connected to the system domain name.

my questions :

1. How can I modify a System Domain name ?
2. For a given Field in a Table , how can I modify the Domain that it
uses - replace with another ?
3. Is there a way to modify the generator that generates these name ?
Probably it is a way to fix this also ...

I have a fbk file and I have the initial FDB file. If somebody could help me
with this I could send the file - I deleted all the data.

In my program I have a procedure that exports the containts of every table
in the database and them imports in a new , empty database - I did this a
few months ago. But in this case, after a few days, the problem repeated.

Thank you ,