Subject How to manage tribbers BeforeUpdate and AfterUpdate for same table
Author Luigi Siciliano
I Have a table with a column (TrigSign) that is a signal
(programmatically setted without direct users interactions) for a
BeforeInsert/Update trigger to do some updates in other table:
If TrigSign = 0 do Nothing
else If TrigSign = 1 do Something
else if TrigSign = 2 do Somethings other, etc,

Somethings in others tables are to do only once even the user modify the
rows of the table that contains TrigSign column or I run a
storedprocedure that involves in fire the trigger.

I need setting TrigSign = 0 after run the BeforeInsert/Update trigger to
prevent accidentally execution of the trigger.

How I can do this?
I need a After Insert/Update trigger? But in this case I implement a
recursive loop Before-After Insert/Update Trigger?


Luigi Siciliano