Subject invalid request BLR 623; LTRIM not defined; entrypoint not found.
Author s hj
I am completely new to Firebird Database; I am working on a database Firebird 2.5 that already exists; I retrieve the stored procedures and views (database objects)
from this database to develop reports in Microsoft SSRS. I use Windows 7 Operating System.

Occasionally (not always) I get the following error when I run some stored procedures or views (database objects) that use the LTRIM function:


can't format message 13:896 - message file C:Windows\firebird.msg not found; invalid request BLR at offset 623; function LTRIM is not defined; module name or entrypoint could not be found; Error while parsing procedure XXXXXXX (stored_procedure name) ;

(I get this both in IB Expert and SSRS) 

This said I am able to access other database objects that do not use LTRIM function!!

My temporary workaround:

Sometimes I restart the machine, and am able to run these same stored procedures and views that threw this error sometime back.
At other times, I restart the machine a couple of times, and am able to access these views and stored procedures.

At some other times, I restart the machine many times, still not able to run the database objects. I get frustrated and quit for the day.
When I open the machine fresh the next morning, I am able to run these objects again !!

What could be the reason for this ? And what will be the permanent solution ?

As I said earlier, this database is given by my client, and am not supposed to modify anything (such as changing LTRIM to something else)

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.