Subject Charset of external table filename?
Author Kjell Rilbe

I'm trying to create an external table to import a list of id numbers
like this:

create table "ExLöpnr" external file 'D:\Löpnr.txt' (
"Löpnr" char(7) character set win1252,
"CRLF" char(2) character set win1252

But when I try to select from it, Firebird creates a new empty file
named "LöPNR.TXT". This is what "LÖPNR.TXT" looks like if it's UTF8
encoded but displayed as if it were WIN1252/ANSI/LATIN1 encoded.

Checking the system tables, the filename looks correct, but I assume the
system tables encode that string in UTF8 (or UNICODE-FSS which would be
identical in this case if I'm not mistaken).

It seems like Firebird does not transliterate this string correctly when
passing it to the operating system's file operations.

This is in FB version

Known problem/bug? Or am I missing something? Fixed in later version of
2.5 or in version 3? Any workaround except renaming the file to plain ascii?


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