Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 PSQL Features
OK, just read through all the examples and release notes, of the latest Firebird 3 beta,
Looks like, plugging in of other languages, is done in the "plug-in" engine area.
There are no samples of Delphi/FPC headers yet for this, although it is promised, I hope this does not get forgotten.
This seems to be a great and much welcomed improvement on the UDF style of external functionality.

I guess what I was looking for was someway within firebird of declaring classes/types/variables of these classes.
So that, as in a normal Object Oriented Programming environment, it is possible to pass these complex structures as containers around. I did look into Oracle a while back, and the capability for that exists there.
For example, If I wanted to replicate the XMLFOREST functionality within Firebird, I was, and still am, hoping that these external engines or something could help.

Kind Regards,