Subject Firebird Windows authentication and backup
Author Buerki, Daniel

I have two questions regarding windows authentication.

I have set Authentication = trusted and granted the rdb$admin role to my windows user.
With this, I was able to do a backup using  nbackup without setting username/pw.

I then tried to do a backup on the same database using the .NET Provider with FbNBackup (and FbBackup) without username/pw using trusted authentication.
I hadn't been able to get this running.
I was getting "No user name was specified".

When I set Authentication = trusted, every Windows User can query the database, even non-Admin users.
Is there a way to restrict this that only one selected Windows User can query the DB?

OS: Windows 7
DB: Firebird Super Server (64bit)
.NET Provider: FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient-

Thanks and best Regards