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This look for me like wrong design.
Query running minutes are not acceptable from my POV.

I do not know how your system work, but in any stock system i see month work. Month is closed and data are calculated and stored. And in next month the same

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Temat: [firebird-support] Cumulative queries
Data: czw., mar 12, 2015 07:19


Hi all,
I have a Firebird stock management system with 100+ tables and 10+ clients. I have some cumulative queries in my Delphi program that generates reports. My problem is that while the queries are run (less than 5 minutes each), the whole system performance is poor, people complaining about the speed of the database. How do you deal with this ?
Thinking about :
1. Create a backup database and have the queries run there (backup / restore during the night) ? This would be the obvious option. If data for the reports is one day behind the real system is not a big problem.
2. In FireBird do I have some switch to lower the priority of a query ? 
select * from table –low priority mode-
some other ideas ?
Thank you in advance ,