Subject Replicating MS Access DB

for some years I was developing MS Access DB to manage clinical trials at my work place (if you interested, I share it for free: ), but this year I decided to do full rewrite. I realized that with each Access version MS was cutting features from it and I don't feel it is stable platform for the project, especially if I want to share it with others (makes it expensive) and develop further (next version can miss feature that I'm currently using, like it happened with PivotTables).

So I was looking for the replacement and as it looks to me at the moment, I would pick LibreOffice Base as frontend, as I need to create forms and reports, and FirebirdSQL 3 as DB engine. (Any comments are welcome about my selection being good/bad).

My biggest question is about replicating multi-user environment. Currently I have MS Access DB back-end with data on our shared network folder and all users have frontend with all forms, reports, queries, etc. Without any server component about 25 users can work on the database without big issues. Now, what is best way to replicate it with FirebirdSQL? I really like MS Access simplicity, as "simple" users can create this multiuser environment on their own, without need to ask IT administrators to be involved.

What would be the easiest way to create this kind of setup, that would be easy deployable and stable for multiuser work. Would it be Classic server configuration?

Thank you!