Subject Re: {Disarmed} [firebird-support] Replicating MS Access DB
Author Elmar Haneke
> So I was looking for the replacement and as it looks to me at the
> moment, I would pick LibreOffice Base as frontend, as I need to create
> forms and reports, and FirebirdSQL 3 as DB engine. (Any comments are
> welcome about my selection being good/bad).

Firebird 3 ist at RC1 state - is your project going productive before
FB3 is final?

> My biggest question is about replicating multi-user environment.
> Currently I have MS Access DB back-end with data on our shared network
> folder and all users have frontend with all forms, reports, queries,
> etc. Without any server component about 25 users can work on the
> database without big issues. Now, what is best way to replicate it
> with FirebirdSQL? I really like MS Access simplicity, as "simple"
> users can create this multiuser environment on their own, without need
> to ask IT administrators to be involved.

Peer-Networking is not an option with firebird. You should install an

> What would be the easiest way to create this kind of setup, that would
> be easy deployable and stable for multiuser work. Would it be Classic
> server configuration?

You can use any server confguration, I would assume there is no great
difference for you using single-process "SuperServer" or multiprocess
"Classic" since Access-Peer-Networging was suffucient till now.