Subject How To Speed Up Update SQL
Author Vishal Tiwari
Hi All,

I have 480 Update SQL statements which I am executing using ADScript component in Delphi 2010.

Update SQL updates data in only one table called MY_BOOK, but there is a join with MY_BOOK_HEADER table. Below is the Update SQL, which is taking 81 seconds to execute all 480 Update SQL statements. Any idea how could I improve the speed of these 480 Update SQL statements ?

Update SQL:

Update MY_BOOK MB SET BOOK_NAME = 'Book Name1' , BOOK_DESCRIPTION = 'Book Desfcription1' 
Where MB.BOOK_TYPE = 4 And 
Exists (Select 1 from MY_BOOK_HEADER MBH 
                Upper(Trim(MBH.HEADER_BOOK_CODE)) = Upper(Trim('127518010109038'))
                And MBH.FK_BOOK_GROUP =  '{79B79C33-CE56-4084-912B-6DD9F70B3DC4}'

Thanks In Advance.

With Best Regards.