Subject Re: [firebird-support] How To Speed Up Update SQL
Author liviuslivius
you have few ways
1. EXECUTE BLOCK and there for select and delete
2. Temp Table
3. speed up subselect with expression index on Upper(Trim(MBH.HEADER_BOOK_CODE)) 
Karol Bieniaszewski
W dniu 2015-10-14 11:21:44 użytkownik Vishal Tiwari vishualsoft@... [firebird-support] <> napisał:
Hi All,
I have 480 Update SQL statements which I am executing using ADScript component in Delphi 2010.
Update SQL updates data in only one table called MY_BOOK, but there is a join with MY_BOOK_HEADER table. Below is the Update SQL, which is taking 81 seconds to execute all 480 Update SQL statements. Any idea how could I improve the speed of these 480 Update SQL statements ?
Update SQL:
Update MY_BOOK MB SET BOOK_NAME = 'Book Name1' , BOOK_DESCRIPTION = 'Book Desfcription1' 
Where MB.BOOK_TYPE = 4 And 
Exists (Select 1 from MY_BOOK_HEADER MBH 
                Upper(Trim(MBH.HEADER_BOOK_CODE)) = Upper(Trim('127518010109038'))
                And MBH.FK_BOOK_GROUP =  '{79B79C33-CE56-4084-912B-6DD9F70B3DC4}'
      &n bsp; );
Thanks In Advance.
With Best Regards.