Subject Firebird Classic installation on Fedora 21 64-bit - problem
Author Charles Hudson
Installed (yesterday) from iso Fedora 21 Workstation (Gnome dt), 64 bit,
and used YUM Extn to update all packages. Subsequently installed
Firebird RPMs (no configuration options were offered in the RPM

firebird v.2.52.26539.0-14 x86_64
firebird-classic (same vers and arch for all)
flamerobin v.0.9.3-8.20130401 x86_64

Intent is to use this as embedded server, db and client on the same
machine, as I have done previously on MS Win systems. Install path
appears to be /usr/lib64/firebird/
in which are folders bin (link) bin-classic, intl, plugins-classic and

Following the installation guide documentation, from a terminal as SU I
listed the TOP processes; no reference to any firebird or guardian
process there.

From the same terminal I navigated to usr/bin which is where the whereis
command indicated gsec is located. gsec help gave me a list of commands
and parameters, with which I determined that SYSDBA is installed.
Working interactively I changed the SYSDBA password and added myself as
another account with admin privs.

I was also able to invoke isql and to find its reference in the MAN
pages. Not having any other db established I thought I would try to
connect to the employee.fdb which should be in an /Examples folder.

I could not locate the folder or the db/file, and neither Flamerobin nor
any other database browser utility locate any databases.

Bottom line: I think I have made an installation but I don't have all
the pieces in place yet. I think the server process should be running
even if I have not created an actual database, and I suspect that either
I have added an un-necessary package that created a conflict, or
overlooked some detail. I would be grateful for suggestions on what I
need to do to correct the situation.

Thanks in advance,
Charles Hudson