Subject Re: [firebird-support] Download broken
Author Mark Rotteveel
Looks like some parts of the site refer to the old download page. The 2.5.3 downloads have been removed in favour of 2.5.3 update 1, check for correct links.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] Download broken
Datum: vr, jan. 23, 2015 18:48

64-bit Classic, Superclassic & Superserver
July 17, 2014Firebird- MBWindows executable installer for full Superclassic/Classic or Superserver, recommended for first-time users
July 17, 2014Firebird- MBZip kit for manual/custom installs of Superclassic/Classic or Su perserver

Both are saying "file not found" on server when using Chrome. Firefox too.

Also 32 bit, and also tried from my PC as well as a server in the US. All report dead links.