Subject Re: [firebird-support] Accessing/repairing embedded server database file
Author Paul Beach
>> Have you got any suggestions how to try to access/fix that file? I am not
>> Firebird expert, so I may have missed something (but I studied a lot of
>> how to try to fix my problem).

> Nothing simple and straightforward comes to mind. If you want to acess the
> database using Firebird's own tools, then you need to get rid of the
> role first... or find out what the database owner username and password
> really is.

<<I tried some tools trying to remove SYSDBA role and failed. Could you point
me to the guide that describes how to remove SYSDBA role? I have also one
password provided by the app developers that is used to access the app as
master user, but maybe it is the same as the owner username and password.
But how can I access the embedded server fbd file when providing any
non-standard credentials? As I try to connect by using Maestro, it does not
allow me to provide any credentials.>>

I am not aware of such a guide, but you might find something if you search
the internet hard enough. I can think of a few ways that it might be possible
but I would have to try them before I could confirm.