Subject Accessing/repairing embedded server database file
Author Radek Midoch
Dear All,

I face the problem of accessing/repairing damaged fdb file that (probably)
comes from firebird embedded server (dated abt. 2004, I don't know how to
find accurate version number, Windows app). The damage comes from lack of
hdd space and it seems that the file has an I/O error, unexpected end of
file. This prevents to run an app that bases on it that is a Polish
accounting/warehouse application (EWAN System).

When I try to connect to it using Maestro, I get engine error 335544745
"Your login SYSDBA is same as one of the SQL role name. Ask your database
administrator to set up a valid Firebird login". I can't say whether this
comes due to the file damage or this is the way how embedded server should
behave. I tried to connect to this file also by setting up Firebird Server
and to use gfix/gsec, but also without success.

Have you got any suggestions how to try to access/fix that file? I am not a
Firebird expert, so I may have missed something (but I studied a lot of docs
how to try to fix my problem).