Subject Re: Simultaneous inserts to the same table.

>>Yes. Text file is faster however there is a overhead of creating a new file before Firebird can you it, so my >>approach is faster, overall. When I finish building first scrip I call a thread that send this to Firebird server. >>While the thread is sengind (waiting) I'm free to collect and create a new 'line'. When this second line is >>done I send again to the Thread. If thread is busy due waiting from Firebird server I wait until it is free and >>then send to it.
>>So I can process a new line until I'm sending data do Firebird server. 2 Threads, one for creating data and >>one for sending data.
>>This approach is faster than Text file because I don't need to wait while entire text file is done and there is >>no overhead.
>>Got it?

Got it! Thanks:)